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Pipeline Integrity Congress – ReCap

Posted on 30. Nov, 2014 by .


The attendees and speakers at the Pipeline Integrity Congress covered all aspects of crude pipeline transport.  There was a mix of academics, operators, and contractors- or suppliers, each of us with a different viewpoint.  As typical of a conference organized by European managers, there was time to hear a talk, discuss it, then have a […]

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# 1 What is Flash Rust, Rust Back, and Rust Bloom?

Posted on 27. Feb, 2014 by .


2014-02-27 Start of a blog. I, Lydia Frenzel, Ph.D., have been talking on this subject since 1985. John Kelly, International Paint, in May 1996 published “There’s More than One Kind of Rust” in Marine Log (Page 18).  You should read this article.  It is simple and direct. Rust Back and Flash Rust are terms that […]

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