WaterJet Certification; Move to Remote Hands Free Cleaning

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WJTA- IMCA Hydroblasting Certification

At the 2017 WJTA- IMCA meeting (WaterJet Technology Assocation and Industrial & Municipal Cleaning Association),

Bill McClister- of Veolia North America, and Gary Noto- of Hydrochem PSC, gave an update on the WJTA- IMCA Hydroblasting Certification.  WJTA_IMCA is moving towards industrial cleaning by water jetting (hydroblasting) to be a certified Craft.  The WJTA Water Blast Training Certification program is  to launch in January, 2018.  The training will be conducted by the Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) which has several facilities in the Houston area.  Computer Based Training and Hands On traing are included.

For Further details. contact the WJTA. www.wjta.org

Industrial Collaboration Improves Hydroblasting Training and Safety.

Alan Smith, BASF, Tyler Bargas, DOW Chemical Company, and

Brandon Smith, of the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance (GBRIA) are teaming together to REMOVE Hands-on industrial cleaning in refineries and plants.  Industrial cleaning will move to remote control where there is no use of manually held guns. There is some classroom  skills assessment planned as the new equipent is adopted.

The goals:

  • increase the safety of the workers
  • improve the ability to plan jobs and obtain better results
  • reduce the overall cleaning costs.

Contact the wjta.org

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2 Responses to “WaterJet Certification; Move to Remote Hands Free Cleaning”

  1. arausi godfrey

    25. Oct, 2019

    How can I get the training on hydro blasting

  2. Lydia Frenzel

    07. Jan, 2020

    The WJTA has just started a TRAINING course on hydroblasting- mostly focused on industrial cleaning. http://www.wjta.org will have the details. It was developed using the WJTA “Industry Best Practices for High Pressure Waterjetting Equipment.” This was revised in 2019 and it might be still in publication.

    SSPC has a certification course C13 for removal of paint and coatings by waterjetting (Hydroblasting). sspc.org – look at courses. This is not basic training.

    In New Iberia, Louisiana, Surface Jet has a training faciity, but I think that they focus on the equipment operator, not the jetting applications.

    I don’t train people, but I give custom workshops on Waterjetting, particularly for coatings removal, where I share details of working with the paint manufacturers, the owners, and the contractors concerning standards, economics, environmental and safety fundamentals. The idea is to understand the obstacles, myths, and down right mis-information (beliefs) which contractors will face.

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