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WaterJet Certification; Move to Remote Hands Free Cleaning

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WJTA- IMCA Hydroblasting Certification At the 2017 WJTA- IMCA meeting (WaterJet Technology Assocation and Industrial & Municipal Cleaning Association), Bill McClister- of Veolia North America, and Gary Noto- of Hydrochem PSC, gave an update on the WJTA- IMCA Hydroblasting Certification.  WJTA_IMCA is moving towards industrial cleaning by water jetting (hydroblasting) to be a certified Craft.  […]

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WJTA-IMCA Exhibition-Demonstration Nov 2-3,2016 New Orleans LA

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The 2016 WJTA-IMCA  is a two day filled meeting with practical talks and demos.  The registration is $30 (one day) to $45 (2 day).  The WJTA_IMCA features a panel discussion on the Future of the Industry  which includes contractors, owners, and equipment manufacturers : Jim Ashmead, E.I. DuPont Rawlin Brown, StoneAge, Inc. Bradley Coble, PSC […]

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Acknowledgements & Reference papers for NSRP Flash Rust Project

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Acknowledgments, Bibliography for NSRP Flash Rust Project These papers listed below are included for further reading with permission from JPCL, CleanerTimes, and Marine Log. All rights are retained by the publishers. Many people contributed to this module.  The technical team members include: National Shipbuilding Research Program SP-3 Panel, Todd Pacific Shipyard, Detyens Shipyard, Atlantic Marine […]

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