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Inspection Manual for Flash Rust
Supplement to Standard Photograph Guides
Supplement to VIS-4
December 29, 2008


Prepared for
Advanced Technology Institute
SSA: No. 2008-326

Prepared by
Lydia M. Frenzel, Ph.D.
Fat Squirrel 22, LLC
On behalf of
Project Participants:
Todd Pacific Shipyard- Lead Shipyard


Project Goals and Objective
Light Flash Rust
Moderate Flash Rust
Heavy Flash Rust
Field Tests to Evaluate the Quantity of Flash Rust
Use of VIS Guides
Use of VIS Guides for Initial Condition
Use of VIS Guides for Visual Cleanliness
Use of VIS Photo for Flash Rust
Lighting and Angle of Light Source
Procedure for Evaluation in VIS-4
Four Ways to Lightly Wipe the Surface
Methodology- BE CONSISTENT
Wipe or Sweep with a Cloth held in a hand
Example of Hand Wipe with a Cloth in a Light Flash Rust Area
Example of Moderate Flash Rust – Hand Wipe
Example of Hand Wipe- Heavy Flash Rust
Summary- Hand Wipe
Swatch Wipe
Example of Swatch- Light Flash Rust
Example of Moderate Flash Rust- Swatch
Example of Swatch Test- Heavy Flash Rust
Summary- Swatch Wipe
Brush Wipe Procedure
Example of Brush Test-Light Flash Rust
Example of Moderate Flash Rust- Brush
Summary- Brush Test
Summary of Three Methods
Comparison Examples of Light- Swatch, Wipe, and Brush
Moderate- Swatch and Brush Wipe
Heavy Flash Rust, Swatch, Brush, and Wipe
Pressure Washing to Remove Excess Loose Flash Rust
What Happens if there is too much Flash Rust prior to painting?
Example of Pressure Washing on Light, Moderate, Heavy Areas
Example of Pressure Wash on Moderate Flash Rust
Summary of Major Points
Pressure Sensitive Tape Test- for Quantity