BHR Group 2016 23rd International Conference on Waterjetting

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The WJTA-IMCA exhibition in New Orleans is over for 2016.  

I missed a good exhibition and round-table of practical talks and a chance to mingle with colleagues.

However, I was preparing for the BHR Group Waterjetting 2016 conference in Seattle on Nov 15-18. This BHR group conference is typically held in Europe so it is my first chance to attend. 

The BHR conference focuses on CUTTING, not cleaning. The topics are on fundamental research and the latest in cutting techniques. The delegates are from all over the world.

Axel Henning of OMAX,  Randy Rapple of Barton, Mohamed Hashish of Flow, John Olsen of OMAX, Mark Fairhurst, BHR Group UK, Franz Trieb, BFT Gmbh, Austria, Peter Miles of OMAX, Ramulu Mamidala of Univ of Washington, David Summers- Professor Emeritus, Missouri Univ of Science and Technology, Peter Liu of OMAX, and Vanessa Cutler- Consultant UK-Glass sculpturing with WJ.

The topics cover abrasives, water jet cutting fundamental research, and the ECONOMICS.

There are a few paper on applications other than cutting.

I, Lydia Frenzel will present What Effect deos waterjet cleaning have on the surface and surface preparation from a 30 years perspective.

David Summer will talk about Water Jetting- Where the Past is Prologue based on his 50 year history with waterjet applications in engineering projects.

There is a forum session on Water Jetting in Hazardous Environments- Removing Humans from Risk.

Think of wet abrasive blasting on steroids as they talk about hydro-milling, and the details of surface finishing.

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