WJTA-IMCA Exhibition-Demonstration Nov 2-3,2016 New Orleans LA

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The 2016 WJTA-IMCA  is a two day filled meeting with practical talks and demos.  The registration is $30 (one day) to $45 (2 day).  The WJTA_IMCA features a panel discussion on the Future of the Industry  which includes contractors, owners, and equipment manufacturers :

Jim Ashmead, E.I. DuPont

Rawlin Brown, StoneAge, Inc.

Bradley Coble, PSC

Andrew DeBusk, DeBusk Service Group

Terry Gomes, Terydon, Inc.

John Hodges, Evergreen Industrial Services

Liam Kearney, J. Hvidtved Larsen US, Inc.

Gary Noto, HydroChem LLC

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  1. Jonnie

    22. Oct, 2016

    I like the touch with the photos and data on various US weapons shown in the picture of the command post. When I was in the US Navy, we did the exact same thing on the submarines I was on, except with Sotasv/Ruesiin systems (and later, Chinese)!

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