Example of Pressure Wash on Moderate Flash Rust

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Example of Pressure Wash on MFR:



Below: the substrate is dry- but it is  darker (overall) than the original substrate.
This surface is dry within 5 minutes. The standard pictures in VIS-4 do not provide these types of illustrations of pressure-washed surfaces. The upper half is not washed; the lower half has been pressure washed.


Brush test on the Pressure Washed Surface.





Brush Test before Pressure Wash.








After Pressure Wash- there is very little faint color on cloth
After pressure washing the substrate, there is a faint marking at the upper edge of the cloth where the brush bristles contacted the surface.
The area has been mitigated from moderate to light flash rust.



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  1. M. Meitzen

    10. Jul, 2010

    The photographs are very clear to show the results.

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