Swatch Wipe

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Swatch Wipe
NACE Level 3 CIP Barry McCoy from Surface Technologies Corp. contributed this “Swatch” test as it is consistent from project-to-project and easily taught.
 Make a “swatch” or wad of the dry cloth. Tape the tail to make a handle.
 Lightly wipe the swatch once over the surface.  This path was about 3 inches (7.5 cm)
 Be consistent in type of cloth, path length, and swipe up or down or sideways.
 This results in a wiping motion without pressure points from individual fingers.
Example of Swatch- Light Flash Rust




Comparison of two types of clothes. Cloth can make a difference. Be consistent in your selection of cloth.


Swatch Test with Two different cloths in another field case of “Heavy” Flash Rust.
In this comparison, we got two different results.


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