Methodology: Be Consistent!

Posted on 15. Mar, 2009 by in NSRP

Methodology- BE CONSISTENT

What ever method you chose -BE CONSISTENT!
Wipe or Sweep with a Cloth around a brush
 Develop a consistent routine
 Use consistent materials
 Use a consistent viewing angle and lighting.
 Interpretations must have clean agreement between the coatings manufacturer, person doing the work (contractor), person accepting the work (owner), and the third party inspector.
 Prepare a pre-start panel and get agreement. (optional but good idea)
Be consistent with the type of cloth:
Swipe the cloth across the surface in one motion with light pressure.
 Light Pressure
 Consistent length of path
 Consistent type of cloth
• Keep your supply of “evaluation” cloth wipes separate from the bin of everyday cloth wipes.


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