Field Tests for Quantification

Posted on 15. Mar, 2009 by in NSRP

Field Tests to Evaluate the Quantity of Flash Rust
The wipe and tape tests are subjective and require interpretation by the inspector. The interpretation can be difficult at first, but become simple with practice.

 Look at the FLASH RUST
 Assess the volume by observation
 Wipe and/or Tape
 Three Methods of Wiping
• Hand Wipe with a cloth
• Brush Wipe with a cloth
• Swatch with a cloth
 All methods take you to the same conclusion
 All documents converge on NONE and three levels of “flash rust.”
 Definitions of Flash Rust vary slightly, but not significantly.
 Keep in mind. This flash rust is a fast process, but the appearance continues to change as rust-back takes place.

There is no abrupt stop or gap in the levels of light, moderate, and heavy, but there is a subjective method to separate the flash rust into none and the three levels.


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