Brush Wipe Procedure

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Brush Wipe Procedure

This method was developed by Todd Pacific Shipyard. These photos are courtesy of Todd Pacific.
 Sweep the surface with a Cloth wrapped around a brush
 Standard cloth and standard brush.
 Wrap cloth around a paint brush. Swipe the cloth across the surface.
 Define the amount of pressure
• Brush as if painting a door
 Define the amount of contact- single stroke (for example 4 inches (10 cm))
 Define direction- pull down, pull up, or single stroke sideways
 BE CONSISTENT with length of path and type of cloth!
Be consistent with the amount of surface you are wiping
Cheese cloth is in some of the photos. Dr. Frenzel found it was difficult to see color transfer; she preferred woven cotton for consistency.
Be consistent with the type of brush and the pressure.


Get a standard brush.


Get a standard cloth and wrap around the brush.


Brush once as if painting a door.


Light flash rust, little color.

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